For any inquiry, please contact me on my cellphone at 016-3520907 (call, text, whatsapp) or email at


8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. nur jannatulnaim said:

    hye uncle zul,saya nak tanya uncle zul buat tuisyen ke???

  2. Yes…uncle mmg ada buat class tuition kat rumah over the weekends as well as private tuition jika diperlukan. If u wish for further clarification, do contact uncle at 016-3520907

  3. hye cik zul can u pls answer the question and send for me method to do algebraic formulae pls help me.

  4. thank u cik zul

  5. muhammad azmi said:

    salam uncle zul saya calon persendirian SPM tahun 2014 saya risau tentang subjek matematik adakah tip-tip yang berkesan untuk calon persendirian untuk belajar matematik?..terima kasih

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