About Me


Mathematics has been my all time favourite subject and it will surely remains as my favourite for years to come. I was never a teacher before and there is not likely that I will turn to one soon. My teaching methods in Maths may vary from the one that most students ever came across before. Though my approach may be different, it has however proven to be interesting and well accepted by most students . This could be shown by the rising numbers of students enrolling into my class, even though the establishment was only done late last December. Having said that, for those who badly in need of assistance in Maths, you are most welcome to contact me at 016-3520907 (call/text/whatsapp) or email me at uncle_zul@ymail.com and for those who reside within the area of Subang U3 or U5, you are most welcome to join my Maths tuition class. My class is conducted at home between 9 am until 10 pm on daily basis.  As we wish to maintain our teaching quality, class is only open to limited numbers of students. Tutor on duty will be myself and assisted by my lovely wife, Auntie Yatie.


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