First and foremost, I would like to apologise for not being able to update this blog for the past few months. It seems that time was really my biggest enemy as I’m already back with my old job and could hardly find any free time to upload any new information on Maths. These unavoidable circumstances have also forced me to leave my position as one of the Maths tutor with Mawar. Perhaps I never shared with anyone else about my current job, it is actually the job that I will love for the rest of my life…something which is equivalent to my interest in Maths. Like anyone else, I could say that I’m a little bit greedy and hence ended up doing two jobs that I both love very much. Nevertheless, I will try my utmost best to share with everyone on certain topics, particularly on Additional Maths.

On top of that, I would like to make known that I’m no longer staying in Subang Impian Balqis as my family and I have already moved to Jalan Rabung, Bukit Jelutong since July this year. I’ve started my classes in Bukit Jelutong since then. As for my students in Subang Impian Balqis, I’ve also rented a place in Subang Impian Apartment, just specifically for tuition classes. The classes at Subang Impian Apartment have started right after the previous Syawal.

In line with the principle that I’ve upheld since the establishment of my first class, the home based tuition is still very much retained. The classes in Bukit Jelutong is conducted at my new home in Jalan Rabung whereas the one in Subang Impian Apartment is at the 5th Floor, Block D.

For those who are interested in joining my classes, please feel free to contact me via 016-3520907 (call/text/whatsapp) or email via To those who have been supporting this blog, I would like to take this opportunity to register my heartiest gratitude and for that, I’m wishing every one the very best of luck for your upcoming school examinations.

Until we meet again…..ciao