Today I’m going to share with you on SPM Paper 2 questions that I got from one of my Add Maths book collections. I find all these questions quite interesting…however, to my dismay and probably yours as well, I failed to include those questions that require logarithms as its solution. I only came across with regards to this ‘unplanned dissappearance’ after converting all the data into PNG format. Sincere apology from me…and of course I will post all those questions in the near future. That’s my promise to you…you will surely get it soon and I’ll make sure you will love every single question until everyone gonna puke šŸ™‚

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Slide5By the way, if any of you feel like asking me to help you with on the same topic, kindly email or post me your questions. Kepada yang rasa nak mengemukakan soalan dalam bentuk bahasa Melayu, uncle pun turut persilakan. InsyaAllah uncle akan cuba untuk membantu seberapa daya yang boleh….