Yesterday was my first day with Pusat Tuisyen Mawar Section 9 Shah Alam. Before that, I’ve started with the other two Pusat Tuisyen Mawar ie Alam Budiman, U10 Shah Alam and Subang Perdana, U3 Shah Alam. The past 2 weeks had been very interesting and encouraging indeed, meeting all kind of students with different sort of background, level of education and of course attitude. Next week I’ll be meeting another group of students as I’m going to start with Form 5 Add Maths class in Section 9 centre. Kejap tadi baru habis dengan Kelas pertama  Add Maths dekat Subang Perdana and it was a great honour to be able to guide students such as Batrisya, Amira and Atiqa…kesemuanya dari SMK Subang.

Yesterday it was Fairuz, Hilmi, Fatinah, Hariz, Agan, Ashraf, Ainuddin, Normazliana, Nurul Nadila, Khalid Al Walid, Daniel & Mohd Irfan ( Section 9)…last week it was Shafiqah, Amira, Aniq and Fatin of SMK TTDI Jaya, Shafiqah, Amira, Ira, Intan, Norliana and Nazri..of SMK BJ and of course Siti( though I cant really tell which school actually she goes)…all with Alam Budiman Centre. It will be my utmost hope that the list will continue to grow as the weeks progress.

Currently I’m in the mids of establishing a special class in BJ, this time around a collaboration effort between Mawar BJ and Bimbingan Matematik Uncle Zul. Once everything settle, this particular class (Form 4 Maths & Add Maths) will officially ‘kick-off’ by the first week of February…InsyaAllah.

Before I conclude my write-up for tonight, to all my students…particularly those from Section 9, please take note on the following