Maths in football…a very interesting subject indeed. I love football (soccer), it will remain as my number 1 sport. I loved playing it during my younger days and still enjoy watching every second of it, be it at the stadia or over TV. I’ve been supporting Manchester United since 1976, during the era of Steve Coppell, Gordon Hill, Lou Macari, Joe Jordan, Stuart Pearson, Martin Buchan, Alex Stapney, Jimmy & Brian Greenhoff, Sammy Mcllroy and many more. In fact I still have my 1977 FA Cup Finals jersey when we beat Liverpool by 2 goals to 1…and of course, the league was dominated by Liverpool back then.

Other than Manchester United, I also support Aston Villa, Italy and Argentina. I love the greats of yesteryear like Tony Morley & Gary Shaw of Aston Villa, Bruno Conti & the World Cup winning side in 1982 and of course the great Maradonna & Pasarella of Argentina.

Now let us go back to our main topic, Maths in football. Little did anyone realise that Maths is regularly applied in football. To organise a league competition requires certain formulae, say the current English Premier League of 20 teams, played on home and away league system. One needs to know how to calculate the number of matches per season, how many matches does each team have to play for the whole season and how many matches can be played on every match day. These are only a few examples. A different set of formulae needs to be derived when a knock out competition is organised, say FA Cup…

Table standing of EPL Season 2011/12

At the international level such as FIFA World Cup, there are special rules being enforced to promote Fair Play campaign amongst the teams. Ways to calculate the points involved are very specific and application of Integers is very much in use.

If we watch live football matches over TV, we can notice that the total number of passes, percentage of match domination, total distance covered by each player and many more are displayed as this sort of statistics plays a very important factor in the football development and tactical.

Does anyone realise why the World Cup fixture is played at different time compare to ‘normal’ playing time? Its been done to make sure the vast football market, particular Europe and Asia would be able to watch it on TV at the right time. As such, calculation of time based on GMT is very much taken into consideration.

From all the information given, it is quite obvious that Maths does played an integral part of football and with that I say…GLORY-GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED!!!