Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W…..

Sesungguhnya sesuatu bab daripada ilmu yang dipelajari oleh seorang lelaki terlebih baik baginya daripada dunia dan apa yang ada di dalamnya”

“Demi Tuhan bahawa jika kamu pergi menuntut ilmu daripada sesuatu bab terlebih baik daripada kamu sembahyang seratus rakaat”

“Sesungguhnya ilmu itu adalah umpama gedung dan anak kuncinya adalah pertanyaan

Hard work does pay…that’s the fact and today, it has been proven yet again by our students. We always believe in our students and we’ve always known that it is just a matter of time for them to prove their worthiness. We managed our perception towards ‘difficult’ subjects such as Maths, English and Science…we instilled self belief amongst the students,  improvised our method of teaching, rationalizing and justifying our approach – steps – solutions, character build-up and many more.

Syukur alhamdulillah…more and more of our students have started to show their improvement, some even managed to score extra ordinary results such as A+ and to some that comes with a ‘bad result history’, have improved tremendously as well. The mid term results have surely given my wife and I encouragement to work harder in order to help our students and place them to the level where they are supposed to be. Congratulations to Noor Aqilah bt Mohd Suhaimi and Mohd Ammar Aufa bin Rosman (both of SK Subang Bestari) for achieving an A+ in their Maths exam (both got B in their last exam). The same goes to Hakimi bin Hishamudin of SK Subang Bestari for scoring an A in his Science exam (he really made my wife’s day) as this boy has never scored anything beyond C before. Congratulation goes to Izzat Shakir of SK U3 for an A in Science. We expect more As to be achieved particularly from Izdee, Damia Farhana (Std 4 & 3 of SK Subang Bestari) and not forgetting Haziq Jaikop of Sapura Smart School. To the rest such as Muaz Mustaqim bin Rosman and Irfan Razali (both of SK Subang Bestari), though they failed to get an A in Maths, their vast improvement have really caught my eyes. Muaz is a good example of how a potential Malay boy failed to be guided properly…he first came to me with no basic Maths and I could still remember when he told me ” Uncle…saya tak pandai Matematik. Tahun depan saya dah nak masuk Darjah 5. Saya tak reti darab, saya tak reti bahagi….”. That was mid December of 2011, he and Ammar were amongst the first few students that came for help…but today, he probably has made me the proudest tutor in this world. Muaz…hari ini awak dapat 68%, mungkin tak ramai yang menghargainya…tapi Uncle melihatkannya sebagai satu kebangkitan. InsyaAllah, you will get your long due As in the coming exam…that I’m sure.

My wife and I would like to extend our highest gratitude to Mr Rosman & Cikgu Azimah (parents to Muaz Mustaqim & Ammar Aufa) for the wonderful cake, in conjunction with the Teacher’s Day…though we never consider ourselves as a teacher. We really appreciate it and may Allah SWT bless us all.