I’m puzzled with the general attitude of most students and parents…they just want an A  for their exams. Naturally with this kind of attitude, both students and parents will get their long time wishes to come true. Why I dare to make such a statement? The answer is so plain and simple, it does not require any graduate to give you the answer! Take myself for instance, as a tutor I can do just that. I’ll prepare a long list of spot questions, try to get as many ‘leaked’ questions as possible from the most reliable source (if needs be, bid higher to get more questions) and train my student to master those spotted questions…get my students to do it day and night and my students will (with God’s will?) get an A. With the current level of education in our country, particularly in Mathematics….such a task is always easy. What’s important is to make everyone happy…most students will jump to their fullest joy and their parents will proudly share their achievements…to the extend some will even boast around with the so called excellent results and start to claim that their children are extra ordinarily smart and gifted with an ‘Einstein’ type of brain (curse your God for being unfair?). And of course…not forgetting the tutor or the tuition centre…they will surely be the happiest one as they have done nothing but milk your money and get full appreciation for it!!!  There you have it, the fact and the matter of our ‘well developed’ society nowadays…

Hey guys…please wake up ok! I’ve seen it all, the so called A students (of course not all of them) are nothing but a cosmetic character. I’ve been playing dumb with most of you, saje nak jaga air muka….if it goes my way, I’ll come out with my own set of questions…something that reflects their true level of education and see how will they fare? I’ll bet you…they will end up getting an average result and that is what they are! Reality does bite.

I want my students to deservedly get their As in the right and proper ways…equip  them with the right attitude, prepare them to be competitive, upgrade their self-belief as they need to represent not only themselves, but our race, religion, country and above all, make them feels that they deserves to be who they are. What we require is our future generation to be brainy-smart-knowledgeable-competitive. We had enough with these so called imposers…an A student that will end up being a doctor, engineer, architect and all those wonderful professions in this country….but still end up being an ordinary professional with fat income. Does it make you smart just because you earn mega bucks? Have we ever wondered why our stadium collapsed, why our banking institution failed to compete against those international names, why our national airlines registered losses for consecutive years, why our stock exchange failed to reach international average points, why our purchasing power is no longer a ‘power’, why our GNI per capita is low and all the unwelcome news that we could easily get each day? If you failed to understand my point here, then you are no better than the imposer but to those who knew the answer, then I’m welcoming you to the world of reality! We have had enough of all these Jacks ( Jack of all trades but master of none)

Noteworthy…English is a language originated from UK. That’s the reason why most Sarawakians (I’m one of them, though we never talk aloud about it) take up Cambridge or Oxford (my Mrs and all my daughters have been an active participant of English Language Centre @ ELC, minimum Oxford level) …and for those who failed to understand this article, I’ll translate it into Bahasa Melayu soon…this message also goes to those who think that they can read or speak English (good luck to you!!!)

By the way, the right English is She does and not She do…the same goes to You do and not You does!!!!

Wake up or dream on…..