I have few students who are crazy about football, from domestic to inernational league. As a gesture to their hard work, I seek an assistance from my old friend…YBhg Dato’ Hamidin Mohd Amin, the General Secretary of Selangor Football Association for a match ticket. We were so fortunate as we were given the match tickets between Selangor and Terengganu, a match billed and regarded as a Match of the week. 6 of my male students supposed to join me, unfortunately due to last minute commitment, only 3 managed to join the trip to the stadia. It was sort of a dream come true to some of them, particularly to Muaz Mustaqim and Aiman, who have been a long time supporter of Selangor. To both Muaz and Aiman, seeing player such as Safiq Rahim, Amirul Hadi and Amir Yahaya, live in action must be something that’s really special, probably something that will be cherished for a long long time to come. What more to say, when they witness right before their eyes Selangor beat Terengganu by 6 goals to 1. Right after the game, I tried to make an arrangement with the FAS officials for photo session with some of the players, but due to limitation of time, we could only take picture with 2 of the Selangors’ players. I was hoping that I could grab Jospeh Kallang and Norshafiq of Terengganu for a photo session as well, but their team left immediately right after the game. Perhaps better luck, next time….