Heartiest congratulations to Damia Farhana, Aqilah and Ammar Aufa of SK Subang Bestari for being the top 3 in their respective classes.  Damia has proven that hard work does pay…she has been very consistent in her studies, particularly on Mathematics right from day 1. Aqilah has just joined us a few weeks back, she too has been consistent with her studies as well. Ammar is the bright and smart type but somehow or rather, a bit too playful. Should he realize and set his priority right,  I’m pretty sure he will achieve fantastic results. To all 3 of you, keep up all the good work….and hope you will not rest on your laurels but instead will continue to strive harder for the coming exams. We are proud of you and hope your achievement will comes as an encouragement and challenge to others….Love always from  Uncle & Aunty