I always love teaching…there is no two ways about it. I did it during my early years after graduated from ITM (now known as UiTM) way back in the 80’s and later giving guidance to my very own children in their studies. I  could say that I was fortunate being blessed with this kind of interest (though I was never a teacher), what more to say when my own living partner shared my love interest. Dayang Atul, my eldest daughter was only 3 years old when my wife and I first started giving her guidance to master alphabets and digits. Later we introduced her with flash cards, basic arithmatic and so on. By the age of 5 she has started to read simple English book particularly Peter and Jane….While guiding her to understand better English and Maths, we also exposed her to understand proper way of conversing in English through Disney’s movie such as Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Lion King and many more. It surely helped back then. As the years progressed, we also developed our way of guidance…from basic Maths to Additional Maths and so on. That was exactly 21 years ago and now she is about to graduate with her Bachelor in Mass Communication sometime end of this year. The same approach being applied to 2 of her younger sisters, Dayang Nea (currently pursuing her Diploma in Business Studies) and Dayang Souraya (currently in Form 3). What actually we did all those years was to create a strong foundation for our children in their studies as we truly believe that will help them to understand or easily absorbed what being taught by their respective teacher in school. We didn’t look at ourselves as an alternative to their teacher but more as a supplimentary tools in their process to excel in studies. In a way, it’s never too wrong to say that our role was more in easing the already heavy burden shouldered by most teachers in school….which in any case, we never failed to acknowledge, recognise or more importantly, giving appreciation when it is due!!! I guess I had my fair share of being a parent, what’s all about and what do we expect of our children. Satisfaction always seems to be a bit of non-existance in our living dictionary, we seldom had enough with our children results, we always wanted more….from B to A, from A to A+ and all those fantastic results that one could imagine. Little did we realise, our way of hypocritical approach will not be able to help much of our children, let alone their teacher.

When my wife and I decided to establish this BMU back in November last year, we didn’t expect to get too many students at first…but things has been growing termendously, over leaps and bounds and beyond our wildest dream as some may have say it. Our classess grow from tutoring in Maths to Add Maths and later on to English, Science and Sejarah. I don’t know what will be coming next!!! But getting more and more students each day does not really permit me to say big thank you as we have given our service and paid for….it is more of reciprocal situation between students, parents and us….but getting a pad at the back from parents, saying thank you for helping their children in obtaining a better results in their studies, upgrading their knowledge from one level to another, improving their skills, upholding their self believe and all sort of compliment is something else…as it really made us proud and will surely encourage my wife and I to work harder to help all our students. Recognition and appreciation from parents does make a lot of difference, similar to recognition and appreciation that we used to give to our teachers all those years…for that, allow us to say jutaan terima kasih to Puan Nora Hassan (mother to Hairy & Haziq), Puan Yatie Hassan (mother to Jaja), Cikgu Azimah and hubby ( Encik Rosman ) (parent to Muaz and Ammar), Cikgu Ros (mother to Hanis)…kita sejujur-jujurnya berterima kasih atas penghargaan samada melalui kata bual, phone calls or even text messages received. We are no angel, neither do we can promise you the moon and the star…akan tetapi jika persefahaman kita bertunjangkan kata sepakat serta berpaksikan keikhlasan, insyaAllah akan membawa berkat…Peringatan ikhlas buat kesemua ibubapa, bersama-samalah kita berusaha, bantulah apa yang perlu, kurangkan apa yang jumud, hakiskan jiwa yang hipokrit, asingkan sikap yang suka membanding dan berteranglah tentang anak-anak kita. Sudahlah dengan perkabaran yang direka, mungkin perkataan dusta itu sedikit hina…sebab dalam pelajaran dan pembelajaran, ianya sudah cukup ketara….Remember…our children is actually us. They have our blood, they have or genetics and they even have our looks…what we see in them is exactly what we see of ourselves. Stop pretending…it’s time to wake up. Bitter to swallow? Not really….

Mathematics shares the same concept with Accounting (btw, I’m holding a qualification in Accounting)…everything comes in pair or double entry; addition could be checked by way of subtraction, division could be checked by applying multiplication, in everything that we debited, there is something that needs to be credited….that is the law and basic principle in governing all these calculation. When we open our door to receive someone….the very same door will remain open should that someone wish to leave…this is our law of nature which we uphold its basic principle. Those that wish to be helped and for those that wish not to be helped, both ways it will either gives benefit to both party or perhaps, it may also tarnish both credibility!!!!

Love and regards from both of us