What is the the real meaning of Intelligence? Well, generally it is defined as having good understanding or a high mental capacity; quick to comprehend, as persons or animals…this is not what I’ve created, in fact it is a definition established by international communities and published into a dictionary and well accepted by everyone, globally.

In the context of defining an intelligent student, an ability to comprehend quickly  very much comes as a prime indicator…from being a fast learner and able to master the knowledge through way of smart thinking and smart learning, of course being passionate-desirous and putting a countless effort for the future will separate the meaning of being extra ordinary intelligent to an ordinary intelligent. A student with a history of having straight A’s and expected to be treated as one will easily fall under the ordinary category, whereas another straight A’s student that continuously prepares him/herself for a new challenge ahead is indeed an extra ordinary one. Perhaps the first one prefers to be remembered as a record holder while the other goes for a record breaker.

I dare to make this sort of comparison as I’ve seen some straight A’s student end up being a hero to zero, from being an achiever to a falter and of course, as they used to say…conclusively a forgone conclusion. This has been my point to all my students, regardless whether they are straight A’s or otherwise with the hope that the weak will strengthen their weaknesses while the strong will continuously work out their strength to reach to the top.

As a tutor, it has been my all time hope that all my students will share this wish of mine. As if my prayer has been answered, today I was informed that one of my straight A’s student has scored an excellent results in her Form 4 Additional Mathematics test. Though the news didn’t really come as a surprise, I still feel that it deserved proper recognition. This particular student has been working hard to master her Additional Mathematics even though she is generated with a history of straight A’s. Perhaps a clear example of an extra ordinary intelligent student? My pray will go with it….Congratulations Jaja @ Nur Anis Aniza bt Anuar of SMK Subang Bestari, you have made us here in BMU proud and honoured. Keep up the good work!!!!