The first school exam has just concluded about a week recently. In preparation for an exam like this, most parents and students would put an extra effort and time in order to achieve the best possible results. This occasion will also see tutors or tuition centres to work over miles to help and guide their respective students to get the best possible results, knowing that their reputation could probably be at stake resulting from the outcome of the exam. We could even notice that some tutors could be far more curious and anxious in anticipation of the examination results compare to the students or parents themselves. Perhaps this played a crucial role in sparking this tuition industry to grow as one of the most sought after businesses lately.

As a newly established player in this industry, or perhaps a rookie…Bimbingan Matematik Uncle Zul (BMU) also put an extra effort to get our students ready for the just concluded exam. Much effort has been put in place, some come in the form of extra classes and above all, mental strength. BMU is rather fortunate( some may consider it otherwise) as we have a mixture of students from different family backgrounds and all kinds of education level. We have the luxury of having students with PMR straight A’s and the same time blessed with students who have no basic foundation of Maths and English. We also have students who dislike certain subjects such as Sejarah even though it will be one of the core subjects for SPM and probably PMR as well. We too have students from both SK and private school. In other words, we have a mixture of everything…something that a tutor could die for or something that a tutor wish to avoid!

This kind of combination can never be easy, approach to guide is rather quite complicated. Some might think that guiding a top quality student will be easier…however not too many of us ever realised that top quality students come with parents that have greater expectations…from being the best in class to perhaps the best in school! As for those that comes in the opposite category, guiding is no longer an option…teaching is! In this case, we end up being both tutor, teacher and motivator….fantastic isn’t it?

BMU always believe that there is no limit in studies, human brain has no limitation and that is exactly our stand in guiding, teaching, motivating and up bringing our students in preparation to excel in their studies and future field.

Yesterday, BMU just got some results from some of our students. Hairy Haffizi bin Jaikop of SAPURA International School scored brilliantly in Form 3 Maths, achieving A+ with only 1 silly mistake…yes, singular and not plural!!! He also bagged the overall best result in Form 3 Sejarah for the entire school. Did I ever mention that we also teach Sejarah as well? Yes we are, our tutor for Sejarah is non other than our Auntie Yatie.

We have another student from the so called opposite category with his English result. Aiman of SK Subang Bestari, a Standard 6 student who claimed that he never failed to fail his English and yet passed his English paper with a 99% mark in one of his monthly test just before the exam recently. As a result, he cleared his English paper for the just concluded exam. We will expect more from him after this.

Today we will be expecting more results to flow in, of course we do have some ace and joker….but that will still remain to be seen. We will pray hard for our students’ success and with that, Auntie Yatie and myself would like to extend our heartiest congratulation to Hairy Haffizi bin Jaikop of SAPURA International School Subang. Hairy…you deserve it, work harder, keep reaching for the stars and the same time keep your feet firmly on the ground. I used to tell you, don’t be like me…BE BETTER THAN ME!!! You have made us proud, you have made your parents proud (probably Puan Nora Hassan must be smiling broadly by now)….it doesn’t matter, cause what you have just achieved eclipse everything else.